Brandy & Whitney: Hoping To Adopt

We are so grateful you are here.

You are our miracle. The little one you are considering sharing with us is priceless and we will be forever thankful. 
And we want you to know that, for us, a baby is the greatest happiness that we could add to our lives.
You are giving us the opportunity to build a family of our own, fulfilling a lifelong dream for both us and our families. 
Please find some peace of mind that your child may not have our eyes or our smiles, but your child will have all of our hearts.




A Little About Us.

For us, a baby is the greatest happiness that we could add to our lives.

Brandy and I have been married for 11 years, and together for 12. I knew I wanted to marry her within two weeks of knowing her. It might sound cliche to say but I knew I found my soulmate, there isnʼt a doubt in my mind sheʼs my person. She is one of the kindest people I know. 

We are lucky enough to be able to travel twice a year, through my company, which we are so excited to share with our future child. We have already been to some of the most amazing places, like New Zealand and Canary Islands, Spain. Once in a lifetime trips that will be a part of our family for the rest of my career. 

We both love movies and curling up on the couch, especially with our Frenchie named Ollie, who is fully kid trained thanks to our 1 yr old “niece” and 6 yr old “nephew” next door. We live on 5 acres of lawn and trees and spend a decent amount of time outside sprucing it up. We are lucky enough to be in a very sought after school district. It’s a beautiful and safe place for a kid to explore. We have gardens we share with our next door neighbors as well as a big round driveway the kids ride their bikes on. Itʼs one of my favorite things to watch Brandy play with the kids next door. She becomes a kid herself and can make the most mundane activity come alive. They just love her, and itʼs one of the reasons I know she will be a great mom. 

Even though our journey to get to this space has been hard, I feel nothing is ever lost if we learn something from it. I feel like my miscarriages and struggles with fertility have brought us so much closer together as a couple. We have made sure to communicate through the pain and take good care of ourselves and each other. I know it has deepened our love and better prepared us to be parents. We are so grateful for our lives. Itʼs important to us that this child will know the story of how they helped us become a family of our own.