A Little About Whitney.

I have known I was meant to be a mom as early as I can remember. Babies and children light me up in a way nothing else has been able to. I have been “Aunt Whitney” for so many years and love it, and Iʼm ready to become “Mommy”. 

Many of my personal and professional decisions have been designed to pre-pare us for being parents, including saving money, having a career that allows me to set my own hours and provides for Brandy to stay home so both of us can be involved. 

Iʼm a planner by nature and over the years of actively trying to get pregnant, I would slowly get items for the nursery, which at this point is complete. I have hand me down clothes and bassinets from my friends who have children. And even diapers in a couple sizes I bought on sale over the years. Which could totally seem like way over doing it to some, and to me feels like it was meant to be. If I hadnʼt been slowly creating this beautiful space for a baby over the years, adoption wouldnʼt be possible. But I can honestly say that with all the planning and creating, that if a baby were able to come into our lives tomorrow, we have everything we need. The path to get here has not always been an easy one, but I canʼt help but see the positives. It’s so important to me that I keep looking deeply at lessons in life when they arise, so I can be my best self and give that back to the people I know and love. I love my life so much and can honestly say the only thing that feels like is missing for me is a baby. We have so much love to give and are so ready to give it.


A Little About Brandy. 

My 38 years of life have shown me both love and heartache. Many of my family and friends over the years have passed away. The loss of them has taught me how precious life is and that our time is not guaranteed. I have learned over the years how to grieve and find love in their passing. I believe Dumbledore says it best, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." 

Mountain biking is what sets my soul free and what I am most passionate about today. It challenges me to increase my technical skills as well as set my mind at ease being deep in the mountains. I also enjoy watching Harry Potter, Pixar and Disney movies!

My light is my wife Whitney. Twelve years ago I got to marry my best friend. When someone asks me my favorite thing about my wife my answer is, meet her, see her smile, hear her giggle, you too will fall in love with her. She is strong, companionate, and has a pure heart. She challenges me to see beyond what I think I am capable of. She drives me to keep pushing my own self growth and awareness. 

We currently have no children. Many of our friends have children so we get to be aunts to a lot of little ones! I feel I am a kid at heart, and I am always playing with the kids while the adults are hanging out. I get to babysit our neighbors daughter a couple times a month, watching her hit milestones like crawling, walking, saying her first words has shown me how excited I am for the opportunity to watch a little one of our own grow up. 

We can give a safe, healthy, loving home for your baby, and we can also provide you with the re-assurance that your baby will be loved, cared for, and happy.